About Bostonbball

Hey everyone, I’m Mike Cerra, long time Celtics fan and former editor of Hardwood Houdini way back in 2013. Some of you may recognize the name of this blog, as Bostonbball was active from 2011-2015. After stepping away from sports journalism, I pursued a career in the automotive world and have been working in that sector for just over 5 years now. Still retaining my love for writing, basketball, and the Boston Celtics, I felt the urge to come back and express the thoughts and emotions that I feel, not only about the sport itself, but this young basketball team that inches closer to Banner 18!

The first go around I was a senior in high school back in 2011, and writing during the Big Three era, my observations were deeply rooted as a fan. Today, being older than most of young guys on the team, I have a new perspective and understanding of the game and players, but also having learned a few things in my career, I look forward to making Bostonbball something far more than it was over a decade ago.

I hope you’ll enjoy the content that will be shared on this website, and maybe sometime soon, we’ll see another banner raised to the rafters and witness a prosperous era and new chapter in Celtics history!