Hinrich to Atlanta and Bibby to Washington

The Atlanta Hawks and Washington Wizards have agreed to a deal that will send Hinrich to the Hawks and Bibby to the Wizards. Bibby will be joined by Jordan Crawford, Maurice Evans, and a 1st round draft pick. Atlanta will receive Hinrich and Hilton Armstrong.

The Wizards are getting much better talent than Atlanta. Rumors say that Bibby will be bought out, and probably won’t be re-signed by the Hawks.

More Trade and Buyout Rumors

With the trade deadline approaching, there are a lot more rumors of trades and buyouts.

The Miami Heat are supposedly shopping Mike Miller. The Heat, who so desperately wanted him are having problems matching up against teams at the C, PF, and PG positions. There has been no word on who the Heat are looking at to get for him.

The Memphis Grizzlies and Orlando Magic are in some sort of trade discussions. This was reported weeks ago, but the rumor has resurfaced. The Grizzlies are looking at getting Brandon Bass and Jason Richardson for Zach Randolph. I’ve heard this trade proposed before, this trade helps both teams. The Grizzlies might become a playoff team with this trade, and could be a tough opponent even if they don’t make the playoffs. The Magic get a much-needed center, if Orlando can get Randolph then they will matchup better against teams like Boston and Chicago.

A small trade rumor that in my opinion doesn’t help either team is a deal between Atlanta and Washington. The Hawks are interested in Kirk Hinrich, but the Wizards want a young player and some draft picks for him. Atlanta has proposed a trade that doesn’t require draft picks or young players, Mike Bibby for Kirk Hinrich. It’s a proposed trade that almost makes me scratch my head, I don’t see much of a difference in talent level.

A quick buyout rumor from earlier, which now might not happen was Troy Murphy. Troy Murphy was involved in the 3 team trade that sent Deron Williams to the Nets. The Miami Heat and Boston Celtics were both interested in him, but now we’ll have to wait and see if Golden State buys him out.

In my previous posts I updated them from time to time. I will do the same with this one, so that I can keep all the trade and buyout rumors together. If a trade or buyout is confirmed then I will make an individual post about the players and teams involved.

UPDATE #1 : The Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors are having discussions over a possible trade that would send Nate Robinson to the Warriors. Supposedly this deal could happen, but other pieces need to fall into place for this trade to happen. From what I’m hearing, it sounds like they either need another team or player to finalize the deal. Like all rumors, this trade might not happen, but from what I’m hearing this could be an actual trade. Knowing Danny Ainge, he will make sure the Celtics get a quality player.

UPDATE #1.5 : The trade that would have sent Nate Robinson to the Warriors is dead. The teams couldn’t find the pieces to make it work.

UPDATE #2 : The Bobcats are looking to trade Gerald Wallace by the trading deadline. The teams that have interest in Wallace are the: Mavericks, Rockets, Clippers, Pacers, and Cavs. The Bobcats are asking in return, an expiring contract and a protected 1st round draft pick.

FROM UPDATE #2 : The Portland Trail Blazers are close to getting Gerald Wallace from the Bobcats,  Adrian Wojnarowski reports.

Portland is pushing hard and getting closer to completing a deal with Charlotte for Gerald Wallace, a league source tells Y! Sports.

UPDATE # 3 : The Trail Blazers seem to be cleaning out some of there useless players, Greg Oden is the latest Trail Blazer to be shopped around the NBA

One of the more interesting recent NBA trade rumors involves Greg Oden, the former No. 1 overall pick that has seen his career fizzle due to a number of serious injuries. The Portland Trail Blazers may finally be moving on from him, if they can. They have offered him in a number of trades, according to Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated.