Do You Believe In Miracles?

24 hours later and I’ve accepted the loss as much as I can. But there is still hope for the 2nd seed.

The Heat play the Hawks tonight, maybe a let down? All the Celtics need to do is take care of business tonight against the Wizards and hope the Heat lose.

It’s unbelievable that the Celtics have put themselves in this situation, but I don’t think they really care. Last year the Celtics fell all the way to 4th in the East and lost to the Lakers in the Finals. The Celtics are an experienced team, and I expect them to play much better in the playoffs. But you can’t always count on turning the switch on and off at certain times during the season.

Speaking of turning the switch on and off, the Lakers have ripped a page out of the Celtics book. The Lakers have lost 5 straight and are now tied for 3rd in the West. Sound familiar? The Celtics and Lakers are playing exactly the same at the same time. Seems like they know something other teams don’t.

While Chicago, Miami, San Antonio, and Dallas are still playing at high levels, the Celtics and Lakers have turned it down a notch. Maybe they’re pacing themselves for a playoff push. Time will tell if this strategy works.

Like I’ve said for the past few weeks, nothing surprises me with this team. The Celtics always come up big in crucial situations. Although that wasn’t the case yesterday. The big test is in the playoffs, whether they’re playing the Knicks, 76ers, Heat or Bulls. How will this team respond? And how will their opponents respond? The Bulls have never made it past the 1st round with their current team, they haven’t experienced the pressure of a game 7. The Heat have experienced players, but will their ego’s get in the way? The Celtics should still be the favorites, they have the experience and players who can come up big in clutch moments.

One thing is for sure, we better enjoy this postseason because it could be the last in the Big 3 era.