Recent Celtics Offseason News

Since the NBA is in offseason mode, there really hasn’t been major news on the Celtics. There have been a few rumors going around on who the Celtics could be drafting or signing in the offseason. So here is some Celtics news and rumors over the past few weeks.

Celtics Interested In Tyson Chandler?

According to the Boston Globe the Celtics are hoping to be in the mix to signing Tyson Chandler. For the Celtics to even have a shot at Chandler, they’ll either have to make some trades to free up cap space or hope Chandler doesn’t mind taking a pay cut. This year he made $12.6 million dollars with the Dallas Mavericks.

Signing Chandler would help with our lack of depth at the Power forward position, and he can contribute more than any other available Power Forward in this year’s free agency.

Dalembert A Possibility?

According to Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston, Samuel Dalembert could be a possibility at the Center spot. Dalembert made $13.4 million this year, but I don’t expect him to make that much on his next contract.

Dalembert would be a perfect fit in Boston. He may not be a great offensive player, but he rebounds and plays defense, something the Celtics lacked versus Miami.

Celtics Will Draft Reggie Jackson?

For the past 3 weeks there have been plenty of rumors that Danny Ainge has promised Reggie Jackson that he will draft him. Some mock drafts and some sports writers also agree with the rumors. According to some articles I’ve read, Ainge has attended many of Boston College’s games and was impressed by Reggie Jackson.

Ainge always seems to draft combo guards like Delonte West, Gabe Pruitt, and Avery Bradley. Seeing that 2 of those players are currently on the roster, why would the Celtics be interested in drafting another combo guard?

There were rumors back in February when the Celtics made the trade for Jeff Green and Krstic, that teams had interest in Avery Bradley. Ainge said no to the deals involving Bradley because he felt that he could become a good player. Recently, Ainge has been saying great things about Bradley, like if he was in this year’s draft he would be a top 5 or 10 pick. It’s too early to tell what Ainge has in mind, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes a trade involving Avery Bradley during the draft.

Dwight Howard Wants to Become A Free Agent

This isn’t really Celtics news, but they will be in a position to sign Howard in 2012. According to one source, Dwight Howard says that he wants to become a free agent after this year yet he wants to remain in a Magic uniform.

Depending on the new CBA, the Celtics could be in a position to sign him. Kevin Garnett’s $21 million and Ray Allen’s $10 million will be coming off the Celtics books after this season and the Celtics could have the option of signing Dwight Howard or signing 2 decent role players. I still think it’s long odds that we get Howard, but a lot of pieces are falling into place.

The next few years will be crucial. If the Celtics can rebuild without becoming a 30 win team then our future will still be bright. The one thing that is on our side is all the cap space we’ll have after the Big 3 retire. Then we could go after some big names again or draft the next Paul Pierce.