Update On Rondo for Paul Trade Rumor And Celtics Free Agency

With the NBA lockout close to officially ending, we will soon find out who will be on the Celtics roster for the 2011-2012 season. We will also see if Danny Ainge trades Rondo for Chris Paul.

There have been reports that the Celtics are willing to trade for Chris Paul even if he doesn’t sign an extension with the team after this season. Danny Ainge would be taking a huge gamble on potentially trading for Chris Paul, especially if he doesn’t re-sign with the Celtics.

Like most people, when I first read the rumor I was somewhat surprised they would take such a risk. The Celtics really only have two options this year; bring back the whole group and try for a championship one last time, or just blow it up.  Seeing that the Heat and Bulls have gotten better, going through this season with the same guys just won’t work.

In my opinion, if its true that the Celtics won’t mind “renting” Chris Paul for a year, this might be as close to a nuclear option as you’re going to get. But this move makes sense from the stand point that the Celtics could put themselves in a great position next year. With Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett’s contracts expiring after this season, the Celtics could actually make a run at Dwight Howard. The only question is, would the Celtics have enough money to sign him? This is where trading Rondo for Chris Paul comes in.

Paul is an expiring contract, adding him to the roster for just this one year will give the Celtics a lot more money heading into next season. If this scenario was to happen, the only player on the Celtics starting 5 that wouldn’t be a free agent would be Paul Pierce. Ultimately, the Celtics could potentially have enough money to sign not one but two super-stars next off-season.

It will definitely be interesting to see how it plays out, but honestly I’d still prefer Rondo running the team at point guard this season.

Celtics Free Agency 12/6/11

Yesterday teams were allowed to contact players for the first time since June 30th. The Celtics contacted some old friends like Marquis Daniels, and Glen Davis. According to one report, the Celtics would offer Glen Davis the mid-level exception if he decided to stay in Boston. A few other players who have reportedly been interested in rejoining the Celtics are Leon Powe and Delonte West.

According to Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated, the Celtics still have a shot at getting Shane Battier. –

Battier’s list still includes the Heat, Spurs, Pacers, Raptors, Grizzlies, Celtics and his former Memphis team. The Thunder have also had discussions with either Battier or his camp. The team-to-player conversations might matter more with players like these than with so many others, as a clear understanding of roles, goals and, of course, financial incentive will come into play.

While I still think Battier will go to the Heat, he’d be a great addition if he chose to come to Boston.

Celtics and Jason Richardson?

According to Hugh Bernreuter of the Saginaw News, the Celtics have reportedly been linked to Jason Richardson.

From Hugh Bernreuter’s article –

The Chicago Bulls are considered one of the favorites to land Richardson, but rumors have also linked him with the Boston Celtics. He has also been linked to the team that drafted him, the Golden State Warriors.

This is the first time I’ve seen Jason Richardson and the Celtics in the same sentence this offseason. The only way I see Richardson coming to Boston is via a trade since the Celtics can’t offer him a lot of money. For the past few days, I’ve heard rumors that Ainge might sign and trade Davis, and Orlando is reportedly interested in signing him.

Since I haven’t seen this reported by other sources, I would take this with a grain of salt, but getting Jason Richardson does sound intriguing.

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