Countdown to NBA Draft: Celtics Edition – Malcolm Lee

On June 12 the Celtics held another draft workout which included Malcolm Lee, Chris Wright, and Jeremiah Rivers, oldest son of Doc Rivers. Seeing that Wright and Rivers will be late 2nd rounders at best, it wouldn’t make much sense to go deep in the possibility of them becoming Celtics. Malcolm Lee on the other hand, is projected by some mock drafts to be selected by the Celtics in the 1st round.

Even though drafting a Shooting Guard isn’t what the Celtics really need, they sure are interested in getting one.

Malcolm Lee would be an interesting pick because he’d be another combo-guard on the Celtics roster. My only question is if he is ready for the NBA level.

Offensively Lee is a good slasher and is very quick which allows him to get by his defender. He can also knock down the outside shot and can finish near the rim. Lee can move well without the ball and this makes it easier for him to get open for the outside shot.

He does have weaknesses on the offensive end. Lee tends to make bad decisions when he gets down near the paint. Even though he is 6’5″ he will leave his feet to dish out a pass which can lead to turnovers. In his 3 years at UCLA, Lee nearly had a 1:1 ration of assists to turnovers. He is also not a consistent outside shooter which is a problem at his position.

Defensively Lee is just as quick as he is on the offensive end. He covers his man pretty well and because of his length he can probably cover some Point Guards. Ultimately, Lee’s defense is probably the brighter side of his overall game.

The one concern he is going to have in his first couple of years is his size. Lee is not the strongest player and not that bulky. He will most likely get pushed around down on the post if he has to cover a taller Shooting Guard.

Overall, Lee could be a good bench player someday but he has a long road ahead of him. He will be a project which is why I don’t think the Celtics will draft him, yet they had him in twice for pre draft workouts.

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