Celtics Will Play the Knicks in the 1st Round

Now that the playoff seeding is set, who do you think will win in the Celtics vs Knicks series?

Last Time these two teams met, it was a blood bath. Are we going to see the same thing in this series?

In my opinion this is a nightmare matchup. The Knicks have some good players, and this series could go 6 or 7 games. It will definitely be a good series, that’s for sure. This will also add another legacy to the Boston vs New York rivalry. Lets hope the Celtics can make Boston proud.

The first game of the series could be on Sunday. The Bruins who are also in the playoffs and at home, will be playing on Saturday. I don’t the TD Garden can support 2 playoff games in one day. We should know the schedule soon after tomorrow’s game versus the Knicks.

I’m not going to give any predictions, the last thing I want to do is jinx my favorite team. Shaq will be back, and the way Jermaine O’Neal played against Washington, I’m feeling optimistic.

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