The Celtics Need A Wake Up Call, and Quickly

After the last 2 games against playoff teams, I really don’t know whether the Celtics ran out of gas or just really don’t care. I think it’s embarrasing to lose big to 2 teams you’ll have to see if you want to make it back to the Finals. I hope that I can eat these words in a few months, but as of right now, I’m sick of watching the Celtics play so carelessly.

Throughout the year, the Celtics have played great and have played horrible. But right now they look like an eliminated team. There is no energy, no hustle, no heart, and no sense of urgency. If they don’t care because it’s the regular season, then what I’m saying means nothing. But being a Celtics fan, I expect the best every single night. As of now, they’re playing like a pathetic bunch of JV high schoolers.

During the game, Rondo made a bad pass and Doc just sat there with his hands over his head. He is the coach, he should be yelling or doing something. Silence is not going to make your team play better. I watched the Bulls, Orlando Game. Tom Thibodeau stood most if not the entire game coaching his team. That is what a coach is supposed to do, not watch your team get out hustled up and down the floor. It’s also the players job to not get pushed around and stand up to the challenge. Today, neither coach nor players did their jobs.

Doc Rivers also consistently plays the same players. Glen Davis has been playing horrible lately, but Doc leaves him in. Jeff Green plays better when Davis is off the floor, yet they play at the same time. Its the coach’s job to find out what lineups work and don’t work. Doc Rivers is a great coach, but it seems like he has something else on his mind. Rivers doesn’t even seem like he’s at the game mentally, mostly he looks like a fan who is powerless to do anything to change the course of the game. If the Celtics want to get far in the playoffs, it starts with the coaching.

Today, Kevin Garnett was the only one who truly came to play for the game. Paul Pierce came alive in the 2nd half, but the game was already over at that point. Rajon Rondo should have dominated this game, instead he only had 7 points and 5 assists, that’s not going to get it done. The Miami defense is good, but the Celtics made it look a lot better than it really was.

I personally can’t say that everything is alright when they really aren’t. There are some issues with this team, and they better fix them before playoff time. If the Celtics are “coasting” like they did last year, then this is all planned. I mean, how can the coach and players not look interested in the game? It’s almost like the Celtics don’t care where they end up this year heading into the playoffs. It’s just frustrating, if you’re not going to try then put the bench in. Let Delonte, Green, Davis, Krstic, and anyone else play together, and get experience on the court.

I really hope the Celtics are just cruising and we can laugh about this in the off-season. I just can’t figure this team out, they beat the Spurs and play great against the 76ers, but they lose pretty convincingly to the Bulls and Heat.

As much as there is doom and gloom, the Celtics can still get the 2nd seed. The Celtics end their season with the Wizards and Knicks. The Heat finish with the Hawks and Raptors. The only thing that Celtics fans can hope for is, the Heat  lose 1 of 2 games and the Celtics to win the next 2. At this point it seems like too much to ask, but all the Celtics need to do is tie with the Heat and they get the 2nd seed.

After last year, I don’t doubt anything till it’s over. The Celtics can still get the 2nd seed, and that is the only ray of hope we have left. Unless the Celtics turn the switch on in the playoffs, then it won’t matter where they finish. The way this season has gone, the quicker it finishes up the better. In the playoffs all the records reset, and anything is possible. And I leave you with one encouraging thought; Shaq will be back for the playoffs.

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